How to Blend in PicsArt? Latest Guide {2021}

In this article, I will show you how to blend in picsart. We will start with the basic way to blend images in Picsart and you will how professionally this app work. You will se there will be no difference between the Photoshop work and Picsart Work.

PicsArt is a gem piece for blend the image of this era and it has many amazing tools. If you have some knowledge about its use then you can turn your images into wonders. So lets start the work with these basic steps mentioned below.

Steps of Blend in PicsArt

How to Blend in PicsArt

Step 1: Crop your Image

To crop your image, go to TOOLS and CROP. Select a cropping option such as circles or squares from the list that appears on screen then click OK button and it’s done.

How to Blend in PicsArt

Step 2: Select the Background Image

Now you’ve to just open the PicsArt app and click for selection of Background image.

Image selection in PicsArt

Step 3: Adjust the Size of image

Open PicsArt app and select your image. Click on the tools tab RESIZE option to have a higher quality of picture taking by 10 times as compared with what was before and it’s done. PicsArt Pro mod Apk is so easy use and you use it for personal use.

size selection in PicsArt
select filter and resize

Step 4: Add Character

You can also add a person to your photo by clicking on the ADD PHOTO icon and selecting Person. Then size them, position where you want them in front or behind the camera lens(s), click CHECK MARK when it’s done.

Step 5: Blend Using Light

While clicking on the layer of your subject to ensure that you are Adjusting in PicsArt Pro Mod Apk by clicking to ADJUST. Play around with Brightness and Contrast until it starts to fit more into its surroundings. Make sure not click accept yet for this adjustment though! Next go ahead an checkmark once done but DO NOT hit Return/Enter because we want our changes saved automatically before moving onto next step.

How to Blend in PicsArt Apk

Step 6: Color Selection

To blend your subject into the color, go to FX and click on COLORIZE. Drag filter tab up until it is dark enough so that only a point remains on their clothes or skin tone then fade away slowly for a realistic effect.

Step 7: Make a Duplicate of Your Subject

You can use the Duplicate tool to make copies of your image. The best way is by duplicating an existing layer and placing it over another original picture, then setting up filters in PicsArt Pro using black-and-white as one option for some extra creativity. When it’s done select the first checkmark.

Black Highlights
white highlights

Step 8: Add Brightness

Click the OBJECT tab and change its opacity so that only one of the duplicate layers is visible. Next, erase away any excess white with an eraser icon down below, this will leave just enough for highlighting purposes. Use brush tools in order to achieve desired results by adjusting settings like size or color on individual pieces as needed before clicking both checkmarks when finished brushing away at your masterpiece.

resize and crop

Step 9: Brush Tool and Effects

Try adjusting your Object brightness, contrast and highlights or shadows in order to find a more interesting look. You can also use an eraser tool with different brush settings for whatever you want it appear like light is hitting them at different angles.

Final Result

Step 10: Finish

So, you’ve finally found the perfect shot. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself because not only does it look amazing from every angle but also with just one click of a button everything was taken.

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